About Shoes For Any Occasion

Shoes For Any Occasion exists because we are the owner of more than one hundred seventy pairs of shoes. (Fortunately we have room for all of them.) Since we are very artistic, we believe each outfit must have its own shoe color and style. Our friends always look at our feet to see if our footwear is coordinated with our outfit. For us wearing the right shoes is a hobby. Since our feet need to be shod we believe in having some fun selecting the best shoes for any occasion.

Since we have been runners to keep the pounds off and to keep those muscles in shape, we have experimented with several running shoe brands. Running shoes have changed for the better since we bought our first pair.

Since our career life has included several jobs, different shoe types have been appropriate. We know what it means to stand all day as well as sit in an office chair but look sharp for those important meetings. The variation makes shoe shopping a fun adventure.

Recently we realized how rewarding it would be to use our shoe buying and wearing experiences to help others. In addition we like to research products, compare them and recommend the best based on the facts we discover.

Since we have become online shoe shoppers ourselves, we have had difficulty finding the shoes we were looking for quickly because of the way shoes are categorized. We will endeavor to make changes to the way shoes are categorized. Let us know what you think.

So we do hope you will find Shoes For Any Occasion helpful as you seek to keep your feet healthy and happy.

Happy Shoe Shopping