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Sometimes it is difficult to find exactly what you perceive to be the best shoe choice for a specific occasion. Other times you have so many choices you become overwhelmed. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you find more quickly what you are looking for. Take the time to reflect on each of the nine elements below. Make your shoe buying process easy and fun. Your best shoes choice will happen if you understand the concepts of each element, prioritize which are must haves; and then satisfy as many as of the must haves as possible so you are a happy shoe owner. We are here to help you make this a most satisfying shop shopping adventure.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Any Occasion

Identify The Event

Events can vary greatly. Maybe the occasion is a wedding, a graduation, a dance, a date, a party, a jog, a hike or a day at the beach. Maybe the event is work related so work shoes, office shoes or travel shoes are necessary. Maybe the event is sports related so baseball, basketball, golf or football shoes are necessary. Whatever your event we are here to help you make your selection.

Know Who Will Wear The Shoes

Are you the one or are you shopping for someone else? Obviously shoes vary by age, sex, stature, foot shape and foot health.

Predict The Weather

Some shoes can be worn in any climate; others will be ruined in rain or snow. Warm lined shoes work great for cold winter climates; however, mesh shoes or sandals work well in hot climates. Flat shoes with grip wear well in snow while high heels wear well inside a building. Many stylish ankle boots for women wear well in the rain and in the office. Rubber overshoes are becoming popular for men who wish to protect their sunny day shoes from the wet weather. In addition, leather shoes can be treated with compounds to make them water resistant and even water proof.

Identify Your Fashion Statement

Are you trying to make a good first impression? Or are you just looking for a pair of shoes? Are you looking for something that is trendy or unique so people will take notice and make applauding comments? Are you artistic and want your shoes to match the outfit you intend to wear? Or are you looking for a shoe that has been in style forever such as a loafer or oxford. Even mule slides can look fashionable and feel comfortable.

Determine The Degree Of Shoe Comfort

Some shoes are naturally comfortable. Others are worn more for looks. Determine the importance of arch support, inner sole cushioning, flexible outer sole, firmness of the toe, height of the heel, and breathe ability of the outer material. Interestingly enough even higher heeled shoes can be very comfortable if the arch support fits the foot and the cushioning at the ball of the foot is sufficient. Many times it is possible to insert a gel insole which has air pockets to make the shoe much more comfortable because the insole minimizes the shock of the body’s weight and distributes it more evenly. One thing that cannot be overlooked is the stitching or inside tags that may get in the way and irritate your heel or toes.

Know If Sound Makes A Difference

Some shoes emit no sound when walking. Others are noisy because of their sole. Hard soles shoes are much noisier and can even cause marks on certain types of floor coverings. Rubber soles are quiet. Even a dressy high heel can have some rubber added on the bottom to make them quiet. Determine how quiet you wish the shoes to be when worn.

Determine If The Degree Of Shoe Care Matters

Some shoes are washable whereas others require a more extensive degree of care. Even different types of leather required different levels of care. Suede requires brushing while patent leather requires polishing. Colorful synthetic materials tend to become dull in color after worn several times. Leather shoes consistently look like new if treated with leather conditioners periodically.

Decide If Durability Is Important

Some shoes are made extremely well. Others fall apart after a few times of wear. Glued soles tend to pull loose much quicker than double row stitching. Sealed seams do not fray as easily. Reinforced rivets remain intact the life of the shoe. Some material used for the sole wears down very quickly whereas other materials such as leather wear well.

Decide If Cost Matters

Most of the time cheap shoes do not last long. Well-made leather shoes seem to last forever. Decide if you would rather shop frequently for shoes or if you prefer to find a good pair and wear them a long time.

Satisfaction Does Matter

Whatever your occasion we believe it is important to find satisfaction in the shoes you wear. Take the time to reflect on the nine thought provoking ideas above. Determine the degree of importance for each of the above nine subjects. Make it your goal to satisfy as many of the nine thoughts as possible. The more concepts you satisfy the happier you will be with your shoe purchase.

Reviews And Ratings Do Help

Once you have selected your shoes, read our review ratings to see how well the shoes rate.

We not only buy and wear shoes, but we also review consumer and tester results to identify those shoes that are highly rated by many consumers. We select only those SHOES FOR ANY OCCASION that are rated above average in quality, fit and fashion. We spend the time so you can save time.

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